Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday week!

Mtn bike riding, first time for a long time!! What fun!
New Cross bike!!! Thanks Mike!
Mike turns 37! Looks like he could use an extra meal!!
He gets to eat the whole thing!!


That's the Master's 1-2 feild
Mike setting up for the muddy corner...his seat clamp bolt came loose, he was forced to the pit, but having no support, had to salvage tools on his own...then the bolt came loose again 1/2 lap later..he rode the last lap w/o a seat to sit on....ouch

Nikos Mills rode a solid, consistant race, finishing top 1/3 of a huge field of 80, even w/ a crash on the last lap.

I couldn't resist being a part of such a fun's OK everybody...I was taking it easy...Phil (the ref) told me I won the tandem race!!
All smiles...mud is fun
Star studded field on 27..Wendy Simms (2nd), Sue Butler (winner), Kathy Sherwin (3rd), Josie Jacque-Maynes (4th)....local girl Kristie Berg rode a solid race, followed by Beth Lynn-Griffith...
So excited to be on my bike...

New baby bump noted.

Thirteen weeks! That's the end of the first trimester! I've been doing great! No sickness, just a little tired.

I have been very busy w/ new life stuff. I am working as a Clinical Instructor overseeing students treating patients at the University of Puget Sound one day a week. That has been super fun. I also am a one on one Clinical Instructor for a blind, amputee student in the afternoons. That is a very interesting experience, I'm learning more from him than he is from me!

I signed up for a 9 week cooking class that meets on Thurs. I'm gonna learn tons!

My Mom is coming to visit next weekend! We are going to do baby shopping, and curtain shopping...I'm so excited for her to see my house!

Then we go to visit my Grandparents and brothers/sisters/stepmom's/second cousin's/father, in New Hampshire the next weekend! Yipee, New England in the fall is breathtaking!

That's about all!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Track racing

most fun I've had on a track bike...the womens madison...
my teammate Anita won the race for us!!
The dream team, aka "Sluggers" pursuit. Christin King, Me, and Shelly Olds
I love that spot...pursuit
Team Pursuit...see to our left is Jenny Trew, Step Oruda, andCarrie Eller...I trained all winter w/ the first 2 girls in Canada...we have the same coach too

I know I look a little pudgy here...i'm so glad to know I was pregnant in this picture...and that's why (wink wink, i was like 5 days pregnant)
Great fields at FSA made the racing awesome...this was the miss N's (from the right) Christin King, me, Shelly Olds, Jenny Trew, and behind her was Steph
yeah madison...wait, I think we've seen this..oh well, it's worth seeing it again....look at my face...weirdo.

Big News BABY!

Oh my goodness. It's happened, I'm pregnant! I can't believe it! I'm so so happy, scared, excited, nervous, and overwhelmed! The doctor said I'm 5-6 wks along. That means a late March baby!

I can't believe I'm gonna be a Mom!! Man, that just sounds weird! I better get used to it!